Applying for a grant


​In Queensland, community language schools (CLS) that wish to apply for a grant are required to complete an annual application; and, if successful, enter into an agreement with the Department of Education (DoE).


 Important dates

October – online application completed
  • The Department of Education (DoE) emails invitations to the application in early October each year.
  • CLS must complete and submit applications by the end of October each year.

A link to the online application form is emailed in October each year to those CLS who have received a grant or have registered their interest with the department and have met the eligibility requirements.

Note: The link is emailed to the nominated contacts provided by the CLS. If the nominated contact details change, the CLS must immediately inform the DoE by emailing This will ensure the CLS receives the link to the online application form and can complete the application for a grant by the due date.

Application forms for this grant cannot be provided or accepted by email, fax or mail.

To apply, a CLS must:

  • complete the online application form in English
  • provide all the information requested in the format provided, including submission of an updated blue card register via email
  • meet all eligibility requirements
  • submit the online application by the due date.

Applications will not be considered and processed after the end of October. It is important to begin completing the application early to allow adequate time to complete all the required information by the closing date.

To seek advice or if you need assistance with any technical difficulties with the online application, please email before the closing date.

Each CLS is responsible for ensuring their application is complete and accurate and submitted by the due date. The DoE will investigate suspected false or misleading information and may exclude your application from further consideration.

The DoE may request clarification or additional information regarding the details provided.

November – application assessment completed

The Department of Education (DoE) will assess applications by the end of November each year.

Assessment of grant applications

The DoE reviews each application against the eligibility requirements.

The information provided in the application will determine whether a CLS is eligible for a grant. The information requested in the application includes:

  • name, address and contact details of the CLS
  • Business, ABN and bank account details – for payment of the grant
  • legal entity and charity registration details
  • class details including language, term dates, lesson duration, class location/s and student numbers – for CLS operating from DoE premises, this information will be used to arrange public liability insurance cover
  • instructor/volunteer details – for CLS operating from DoE premises, this information will be used to arrange voluntary workers personal accident insurance cover.

To be considered for a grant, the CLS must:

  • meet all the eligibility requirements
  • complete the online application form with the necessary attachments by end of October each year
  • provide all the information requested by the due date.

A CLS will not be successful in gaining a grant if it:

  • no longer offers the language
  • fails to meet the eligibility requirements
  • fails to complete and/or submit the required documentation by the due date
  • does not satisfy all requirements of the application.
Early December – results sent to applicants

Department of Education (DoE) informs CLS by email in December of each year.

Successful grant applicants

In December each year, a CLS will receive an email from the department advising that their application was successful. A new Service Agreement will be attached to the email.

Unsuccessful grant applicants

The department will email a CLS in December explaining why their application was not successful. Unsuccessful applications will not be re-considered.

Late December – Services Agreement signed

CLS who have received an agreement are to sign and return the agreement to the DoE by 31 December each year.

All CLS receiving a grant are required to enter into a legally binding Service Agreement with the DoE by signing the Service Agreement. A legal entity is required in order for the agreement to be legally binding.

The Service Agreement has standard grant conditions that cannot be changed. It states specific requirements and deliverables that the CLS must meet.

It is important to read the Service Agreement carefully and understand the information before it is signed. By signing, the CLS is agreeing to meet all the requirements listed in the agreement.

The agreement runs from 1 January of one year to 28 February of the next year. For example, a CLS entering into an agreement commencing on 1 January 2023 is agreeing to abide by the requirements for the duration of the agreement so as to be eligible to receive a grant in February 2024.

If the terms and conditions of the Service Agreement cannot be met, at any time, the CLS must inform the DoE immediately by email at The Department may recover grant funds if there is a breach of the Service Agreement.

February – grant payments made

The Department of Education (DoE) provides payment to eligible CLS in February of each year.

CLS grant payments are made in February each year, following submission of the required student attendance roll data in December of the previous year.

View the schedule of grant payments for CLS for more information.

Ongoing – student attendance rolls submitted each term

The student attendance roll captures student attendance at CLS classes. Under the Service Agreement, CLS are required to complete the electronic template for student attendance rolls (provided by DoE) and submit the roll at the end of each school term.

The template is provided to CLS prior to the start of each school year.

The student information is used to determine eligibility and calculate grant funding which is paid in February each year. For example, the grant that is based on the 2023 student attendance roll will be paid in February 2024.

For more information about applying for a grant for a community language school, email the department at

New applicants

All CLS receiving a grant are required to enter into a legally binding Service Agreement with the DoE and these agreements have a number of mandatory requirements that CLS must meet in order to be eligible.

CLS may register their interest for a grant if they:

Newly established CLS, and existing CLS that have not received funding from the DoE in the previous 12 months, are required to register their interest for a grant via email. Please complete the registration of interest form and email it, along with required attachments, to


Last updated 14 February 2023