Eligibility requirements


​The Community Language Schools (CLS) Program provides annual grants to eligible not-for-profit CLS which provide language and cultural programs for Queensland Prep to Year 12 students.

Language and cultural classes refers to using the Australian Curriculum: Languages (first language learner pathway or background language learner pathway) or the Queensland curriculum to:

  • focus on ways that language encodes culture—such as status, values and conventions
  • teach the ways that cultural context impacts on what is communicated and how it is communicated
  • teach skills and attitudes for negotiating interculturally-appropriate communication.

To be eligible to receive an annual grant, new and existing CLS must meet all of the following requirements:

A list of ineligible organisations is provided in Who is not eligible to apply for a grant?

Operational requirements

A CLS must:

  • have been operational for at least 6 months
  • have a minimum of 6 students
  • provide a website link or generic email address for the CLS website Find a CLS page
  • key information in promotional material and/or on a CLS website about your language programs is available in English
  • provide at least 3 months’ notice in writing to the Department of Education advising your CLS will no longer offer a language and cultural program.

Administrative requirements

A CLS must:

Suitable premises requirements

A CLS must:

  • provide language and cultural programs delivered from premises located in Queensland and delivered face-to-face
  • provide classes at premises that are not used as a residence.

Language Learning Program requirements

A CLS must:

  • provide a language learning program to students irrespective of cultural background; and offered equally to male and female students
  • provide a language and cultural learning program for students in Prep to Year 10 that aligns with the:
  • use the L​anguages senior subjects​ to develop a language learning program for students in Year 11 to Year 12
  • ensure that the CLS program is appropriate to the age of the student and the curriculum
  • ensure that the language programs, weekly plans, assessment tasks and student results sheets are kept up to date and that there is a hard copy of these filed in a secure location
  • provide weekly languages and cultural classes for at least 36 weeks of the year
  • provide language and cultural classes for a minimum of 2 hours per week.

Student requirements

Eligible students are:

  • enrolled and attend a Queensland mainstream school from Prep to Year 12 or receive Home Education
  • attend a minimum of 75% of scheduled weekly language program classes across the year
  • have Australian citizenship or permanent residency.

Ineligible students:

  • pre-school or adult students
  • full-fee paying international students who attend a government or non-government school
  • enrolled at another CLS learning the same language
  • receive tuition or coaching for other subjects e.g. music, even if the course is conducted in the community language
  • enrolled online
  • students who no longer attend the CLS and/or have are enrolled in a school outside Queensland.

Reporting requirements

Maintain accurate records including:

  • how the grant was used
  • student attendance records
  • Blue Cards details for all CLS staff and volunteer
  • funding from other sources.

Behaviour requirements

The Department of Education may suspend an existing Service Agreement if a CLS, its officer, board member, employee, member, volunteer, subcontractor, representative or agent:

  • commits an act that is regarded by the public as unacceptable or brings the reputation of the Department and/or Queensland Government into disrepute
  • behaves in a way that the Department of Education believes its continued association with the CLS may be detrimental to the reputation of the department
  • is not a fit and proper person, having regard to the special nature of working with children in a school setting
  • has a conviction or findings of guilt for a sexual offence
  • is convicted of a crime punishable by a term of imprisonment
  • induces or attempts to induce any student to convert to a particular religion
  • is critical of or denigrates another religion, religious tradition, religious belief or religious practice
  • denigrates, offends or instils hatred for other minority group(s), language(s) and cultures(s).

Who is not eligible to apply for a grant?

The following are not eligible to apply for a CLS grant:

  • individual or commercial entities
  • Queensland schools
  • P&C Associations
  • Queensland Government departments, agencies and statutory authorities
  • Australian Government departments, agencies and statutory authorities
  • organisations based outside of Queensland who do not provide language classes in Queensland.
Last updated 03 February 2023